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MFG LLC has developed strong track record in the organization and support of overhaul of both civil and transport aircraft and helicopters, as well as their aggregates and units on aircraft repair plants.

In contract execution MFG LLC experts are dedicated to ensure:

  • In-depth analysis of customer's requirements for organization of aircraft equipment overhaul.
  • Selection and current appraisal of aircraft repair plant to ensure its capability of carrying out high-quality overhaul of the required aircraft equipment.
  • Arrangement of assigning aircraft repair plant specialists to customer's aircraft site of deployment in order to appraise the volume of overhaul and/or organization of after-sales services.
  • Harmonization of technical requirements for the overhaul and price of the overhaul.
  • Sourcing of the required components and aggregates.
  • Quality control and supervision of compliance with overhaul time schedules.
  • Pre-overhaul acceptance of the equipment and after-overhaul delivery.
  • Organization of delivery of the equipment to repair plant.
  • Organization of after-overhaul delivery of the equipment to the customer.
  • After-overhaul assembly and testing.
  • Fulfillment of guaranteed obligations under the overhaul contract.

MFG LLC stands out for the organization of overhaul of Il-76 aircraft on the Air Force aircraft repair plant No 123 in Staraya Russa, An-26 aircraft on the AF aircraft repair plant No 308 in Ivanovo, Ka-32 helicopters on the aircraft repair plant No. 20 in Pushkin.

On the aircraft base in Karakol (Kirghizia), MFG LLC has organized the overhaul maintenance of such aircraft as Yak-18, -52, -40, An-12, -26, -28, -32.

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